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Notes on pictures above.  

Peter Hammond, on the bicycle, contacted the Club from Norfolk with information on this pair of engines. He suggested that they were ‘Prince’ and ‘Princess’ but they have since been identified as ‘Windsor’ (foreground) and ‘Sandringham’ numbers 15364 and 15365, 18hp AA7 class engines built in 1919, owned by John Patten of Little Hadham. The engines were initially called ‘Pat’ and ‘Fan’ but their names were changed around 1950. The engines are pictured in 1950-1951 when at Shingwell Aerodrome, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire where they were engaged in pulling up the coconut mats that had been laid to create a training aerodrome using a cultivator with two tynes down. Peter also recalls that Fowler AA7 class engines 15362 and 15363 ‘Lion’ and ‘Tiger’ built in 1919 were present and using a mole drainer to pull out buried cables. His father drove ‘Lion’ from 1926 until 1960 when the pair was sold to J.W. Hardwick & Sons.

unidentified engine

Ploughing with unidentified engine

R J Keeling digging.  Essex

"R.J.Keeling Digging". (Crays Hill, Billericay, Essex) Ransomes, Simms & Jeffries Engine with chain driving a rotary digger. Perhaps  a  Darby Digger

Fowler BB1 15139 HR 3399 "Master" at Rally

Fowler 14HP SC wrought iron engine RH. Possible 1763 or 1764. Father driving engine; Photo Oct 20th 1913. (Holkham Singles) plus 5 Furrow Plough.

Unidentified engine

Probably WW2, note the RAF uniform 3rd left

Fowler 14HP SC wrought iron engine LH. Possible 1763 or 1764. Originally known as "The New 14" Probably about 1878-1882. Distinguished by 5' rear wheels, double salters and wrought iron box carrying crank assembly. Also tank steering. Photo Oct 20th 1913. (Holkham Singles). Brant Hill near Wells 1913


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Fowler BB1 15226 (NR 77) "Tiny Tim" of 1918 with plough

This photograph was taken by Barry J. Finch and published in 1962 on page 48 of his book “Ploughing Engines at work”

Fowler BB1 no.15410 loaded on Pickfords low-loader BJT 185 outside TRENCHARDS warehouse.

On its way to Tasmania for Lunnicks Dredging works 1951

Left engine is Fowler BB 14709 (NM 504?). Possibly 14708 on right?

Centre engine is Aveling & Porter 8hp ZTD of 1918.

Unidentified Fowler PE in J & W Gower Yard at Bedford

Unidentified collection of seven engines.

Registration of centre engine NR(K) 9

Unidentified engine

Fowler AA7 15358 or 15359 (NK 1193 or NK 1194) of 1919 LH. Taking on water and laden with sacks of coal before starting work

Fowler AA7 class engines 15364/5 ‘Windsor’ and ‘Sandringham’ in 1950-1951

‘Windsor’ and ‘Sandringham’ set off to work at Shingwell Aerodrome, Sawbridgeworth, Herts

Barford Windlass at Acton Quarry near Long Melford, Sussex.

Fowler Z7 No. 16720. Slide valves, long cab, 2-speed plough gear. L/H view showing widening rings for rear wheels. Owned by Bomford & Evershed, Salford Priors, Worcs. Pic taken 1951.

Threshing Scene. Unidentified Engine

Steam Power, Taiwanseito Co., Ltd., Formosa. Unidentified ploughing engine pulling disc harrow?

Pair of unidentified PEs with Cultivator. Possibly the Witham Steam Ploughing Company.

A Kitson & Hewitson 14hp Slanting-shaft Engine, Balance Cultivator, Water Cart & Horses plus ‘Family & Crew’.


The photo is featured in  “Lincolnshire at Work With Steam”  - a celebration of the ‘Lincs. Steam Engine Preservation Society 1959-2009’ – and is credited to the Museum of English Rural Life.  The footnote says “The engine seen here is typical of Kitson with the cylinder over the firebox, crankshaft driving direct to the drum below and road transmission gear with massive crown wheel and slanting drive shaft to the rear wheel”.

Fowler BB1 15437 of 1920 Double-speed plough gear.

Left L. Lea Ploughman, J. Skeet Foreman, F. Ingles Driver. Honeydon,

Nr. Eaton Socon, Bedfordshire 1930

047 Fowler BB 13776 "Heroine" and Fowler BB 13777 "Hero" with plough, living van and cultivator in tow   

L Fowler BB 14709 (NM 504?)     R Aveling & Porter 8hp ZTD  1918

Believed to be Fowler Z7 No. 16719 when owned by Lunnicks of Reading. Lunnicks relocated their business to Tasmania c.1951 and this engine went with them after it had been converted to oil firing. Later for restoration to Australia, returned to coal firing and now operational in Victoria.

Two-speed ploughing gear, lugs on rear wheels for widening rings, crane now removed.

Fowler 18HP AA6 class DCC numbers 13417 (DO 2024) and 13418 (DO 2023). Owner Alfred & Frank Bass of Moulton Marsh, Holland, Lincs.

Foreman: Joe Harrod, Driver: Joe Coddington. Later sold to Sir John Hope, Dunbar.     

Photo from Bob Gibbons, Castor, Peterborough – SPC Archives

Aveling & Porter 8nhp compound ploughing engines numbers 6818 reg. DO 1907 and 6817 reg. DO 1906 built in July 1909.  

Their last owner was J.K. Gandy of Thurlby, Lincs

Fowler 18HP AA6 class

Unidentified pair of engines in a rather sad state. Does anyone know more?

Believed to be Fowler 14HP SC Ploughing Engines 2898/9?

With L.F. Briggs & Son, Stamford, Lincs., No.1 Set.

Foreman: Jim Potter. Drivers: Joe Booth, Sid Carter.

 Photo from Bob Gibbons, Castor, Peterborough- SPC Archives

Believed to be Fowler 14HP SC Ploughing Engines 2898/9 Unidentified engine Fowler 10 HP no 1149

Fowler 10HP Horizontal Shaft PE number 1149 of 1869 at P.C. Stickels, Newchurch, Romney Marsh, Kent. RH Engine.

Fowler Z7 Fowler 12HP number 1187

Fowler 12HP SC number 1187 of 1869 when with Link Brothers, Newchurch, Romney Marsh, Kent. Reboilered by OSPC for Link Brothers.

(Photo: R.Wailes & J. Russell)

Derelict Fowler 12HP SC number 1505

Derelict Fowler 12HP SC number 1505 of 1871.

With Sturgeon Bros, Stanton, Suffolk. Scrapped in 1935.

(Photo: B.D. Stoyel August 1934)