James Hodgson kindly provided his observations on Fowler B4 class Side-Drum ploughing engine built in 1900.

         Salter safety valves - unusual for a UK engine. Was it originally going for export?

         Fitted with governors - rare

         Chimney top - unlike any other Fowler I have seen pictured (and pretty ghastly!)

         Drum stud riveted to side of firebox.  I wonder how many stays broke in operation?

         Two speeds on the drum by virtue of driving off the second shaft.

         Steersman required to have a sixth sense given that he cannot see the nearside and the drum obscures the offside!

         No pipes on the cylinder drain cocks so the rear HP drain would blast all the grease off the drum gear ring.

         Spud rack rather than a spud box - unusual for a Fowler.

Notes: Numbers 8870 and 8871 were built in a batch of three sets, the other two going for export to John Fowler at Magdeburg, Germany.

The records do suggest the drum was two-speed.