• The subscription is £20 per annum, subscriptions are due on 1 January of each year.

    Any membership queries should be addressed to the Membership Secretary, contact details are on the Whos Who page of the SPC website

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  • How we use your contact information

    The Club holds the names, addresses, including past members, membership number, their status, e mail addresses and telephone number as given by the member, subscription dates and money received from them with method of payment and any notes concerning payments. All personal information is provided by the member and not from any other party.

    The club maintains an archive of information relating to steam cultivation. This includes some names and addresses of past and present owners and operators of steam cultivation machinery.

    The club discloses current member’s names, membership number and postal address to the printer of the club magazine for their magazine to be posted to them. The club holds current member’s names, membership number and email address on an email system which will be used by officers and persons authorised by them in order to contact members.

    The club does not retain any bank account details for members. On the occasions when they are provided to the club by members setting up payments from banks the details are passed on to the relevant bank.
    Should any member wish any/all information regarding them to be removed from the records they should contact the club secretary in the first instance

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